Clingier then your ex - Treeannsea’s - Carat Plane Crew Diamond

Fast Facts

Skin Types: All ✈️ Concerns: hydration & moisturising ✈️ Lifestyle: Me time ✈️ Time: 20 mins ✈️ Price: $$$✈️ Rating: 3 Stars. ✈️ Scent - none ✈️

Today we are reviewing Treeannsea’s - Carat Plane Crew Diamond Mask AKA a bio-cellulose sheet mask…DW I WTF at that too read on. First things alrighy let’s chat about bio-cellular masks first. In short they are a bacteria that grown in a lab and not your standard cotton/wool microfiber masks. They fit more snugly and trap the ingredients from evaporating quickly.

Why & When you should use it:

  • Bio-cellulose sheet mask helps absorb the essence and retain in better then standard mask.

  • Intense Hydration and moisturising

  • Use when your skin needs to flaunt it’s awesome self


  • Helps bring moister back to your skin

  • infused with Bitida Ferment Lysate to assist in calming your skin

  • Brighten your overall complexion.


Ok I love a bio-cellulose mask. The fabric bacteria whatever it is, is amazing. Swipe across to see the mask and it’s backing. I am s confused on this mask, everyone is repping this and I just felt a bit meh. My skin felt hydrated and dewy. It wasn’t extremely moisturising, hydrating yes. But not moisturising as promised. This could very well be a classic case of, not the right mask for my skin at the time. Would I recommend everyone tried it 100% because it really does have great reviews.

Lets Level- Make sure you take the mask out, squeeze out the essence and place this on your face before the mask. This will ensure you get extra clinginess.


Where to get the goods:

I seem to be only reviewing mask that are tougher to find lately. My fave spot to buy these mask currently is Yes Style. They are about $6USD - $8AUD.

Sheet out!