Fetus skin? - E Nature - Bio-Zeup Sheet Mask Review


Skin Type: All Skin types - Concerns: Anti-aging - Lifestyle: Quick

Scent: No Scent - Time: 20 mins - Price: $ - Rating: 4 Stars

Quote: Give me the fetus skin… you promised

I guess It's well and truly time we reviewed a product that strives to help you obtain "youthful skin" AKA #fetusmode. I have always been a bit funny when products promise to make me look like a fetus for eternity. So I have always taken "Anti-Aging sheet masks" with a grain of salt. Focusing more on other feature of a mask. This mask claims to provide gentle nutrient-rich essence that will make your skin feel revived and renewed. The perfect pick me up for dewy and of course "youthful skin" #fetusmode

Why You should use it:

  • Do you need a quick pick me up of the anti-aging variety

  • Do you want something gentle and soothing?

  • Do you like your masks having a backing?

  • Do you like masks that are dripping in essence


  • To help provide you with skin with skin-smoothing and anti wrinkle properties

  • A great mask for Oily and combination skin

  • Helps you achieve Youthful and dewy looking skin.

What we loved:

Firstly this mask contains some natural ingredients that I can't even pronounce....Capsicum Annuum Fruit...lactobacillus...IDK guys, all I know is that I rather enjoyed this mask. The fabric of the mask was still full of essence even after 30mins of application. So I could use the left over essence at a late date. My face did feel dewy...and yes supple. Praise the sheet gods, the mask came with a backing. Which as we know makes it soooo much easier to unfold.

What to watch out for:

Lets level - there are a few things to watch out for here. The essence does leave a sticky residual. However it was fixed on up by whacking on the next steps in the routine.


Where to get the good:

Dah dah daaaahhhhhhh: What do I always say? do your research before hand, just a quick google search can help you find a great deal.

I found this one hard to source outside of Soko Glam of $2.50 . There where plenty of other site you could purchase this from just not any I use regularly.

Ger your sheet on!