I fell asleep in my makeup again - KLAVUU - Green Pearlsation Teatree Care Mask


Skin Type: All Skin types - Concerns: Acne & Brightening - Lifestyle: Me Time

Scent: No Scent - Time: 20 mins - Price: $$ - Rating: 5 Stars

Quote: Teatree tea bag my face…wait hang on

So this the point where I pretend I have not been M.I.A for ages and that you all missed me, ha ha ha. A lass can dream.

Today we are reviewing KLAVUU - Green Pearlsation Teatree Care Mask. You know in case you didn't read the title and got a bit lost. Hailed as the mask to "throw on this mask when your skin needs a tune up."

Why would you use this:

  • Did you fall asleep in your make up again (maybe)?

  • Are you having some breakouts but do not want to use anything harsh?

  • You need something cool and claiming that packs big ass punch?

  • Heck do you want to brighten your face at the same time?

  • Oh and be Green , Clean and Vegan to your skin?


  • To target blemishes and oily areas

  • Use Tea tree extract that will seep from the cotton masks.

  • Sooth skin that has been irritated by acne

  • Brighten using the awesomeness using the pearl extracts

  • Tightens and minimise the appearance of pores using seaweed extract

What we loved:

  • This beautiful luxurious cotton mask is drench in none sticky essence and really delivered.

  • The essence was lovely and soothing and did not leave a sticky residue

  • The soothing components helped with our face hang over.

  • This was 100% What The Sheet approved! I can confirm this will be added the masks we use on a regular bases

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Where to get the goods?

As always do your research before hand, just a quick google search can help you find a great deal. Usually we would list out via regions where to get the product. However, this time globally I have added two links for you.

Soko Glam


Sheet out!