Double review 😱 I'm sorry for my skin - Jelly Masks

Fast Facts

Skin Type: All Skin types - Concerns: Brightening & Pore Care - Lifestyle: Me Time

Scent: No Scent - Time: 20 mins - Price: $ - Rating: 5 Stars

Quote: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

It's been some time since a long review so why not do something crazy. YEHHH WOO HOO Double review!

I'm not going to lie I bought these masks because the packaging was ice cream and coffee. ICE CREAM my people come on. I didn't read any reviews and I went straight for the pretty pretty pretty pictures.

Well, I was not ready for the this Jelly Mask I can tell you that. If you are like me and have ever done a jelly mask before then be prepared to read the tips below because I can guarantee you will fall in love with jelly masks.

Prep for the mask:

If you are unsure of how to prep for a sheet mask in general click here.

Once you have followed your general prep you are going to want to do something a little bit different for this mask. This mask has a jelly goopy essence which is very thick. This means it might not stick to the mask itself. I know I know weird. Okay so here is the tip. Unpackage the mask, place it on the clean surface and squeeze out all the essence left in the package. Go ahead and just whack that on your skin and try to make sure it's evenly distributed, then apply the sheet mask. If you find there is too much essence in the pack, thats okay to leave some behind.

Brightening: 5/5

I decided out of the two masks, I would give this one ago. Now let me tell you I did not follow my tips and tricks above and when I first put the mask on I thought, "what the sheet", the essence even sticking to my face..... I'm going to hate this. Well, I tell you what I was wrong, boy was I wrong.



  • The jelly-like essence is not sticky. You think it will be at first, but it glides on so smoothly.

  • Pretty good fabric for the mask thats $2

  • The mask stays on your face, so you can carry on with life around you for a bit.

  • Peeling off the mask, wow did my skin just soak up the essence. It wanted MOAW.

  • My skin was incredibly supple and it did appear brighter :)

Not so stoked with:

  • Come one try and smell like coffee for me :)

  • I would have love to see a bit more education on the packaging it’s self.

Pore Cleansing: 3.5/5

As this was the second mask I had well and truly caught onto that I was meant to be doing.


  • Exactly the same as the other mask. Really lovely jelly essence that my skin just soaked up.

  • I love using the left-over essence throughout the morning, during summertime when I reviewed this I skipped my morning moisturizer.

Not so stoke with:

  • It doesn’t smell like ice cream??

  • I didn’t see any change in my pores and or the cleansing claims. But this one is a bit harder to track for immediate results.

Final Thoughts!

Yes yes yes, for something I had zero expectations in, man oh man these masks where amazing. I DONT THINK YOUR READY FOR THIS JELLY! I have this 5 sheets review! Go get some today!

Where to buy:

AU: $2-3 - Yesstyle

US: Okay - Do you google research because it appears everyday they go on sale on a different site :) I got mine from Soko Glam but it looks like they don’t stop them any longer :)

UK: £2-3 - Yes Style

What the sheet out!