Naruko Rose & Botanic Hydrating Sheet Mask

Naruko Rose & Botanic Hydrating Sheet Mask

Fast Facts:

Skin Type: All Skin types - Concerns: Hydration, Moisturising, sensitive - Lifestyle: Me time

Scent: Rose - Time: 20 mins - Price: $ - $$ - Rating: 5 Stars

Quote: Get on my face and stay there, you beautiful smelling sheet of complementing receiving goodness.


Welcome to the very first review. This post may be a little longer than the next few reviews as I just do a happy dance that What The Sheet?! is finally live. Whoop Whoop.

What better mask to start off a review with then one of my all time favourites, it also just happens to coincide with our moved to Portland…the city of roses. Naruko Rose & Botanic Hydrating Sheet Mask, is the mask that I gift anyone with who is new to sheet masking or even a seasoned pro. Anytime, and I literally mean anytime I use this mask, I will get compliments on how amazing my skin looks (stap it stap…. do not stop it I love ….MORE).

Before starting:

Before starting if you are new to sheet masking there are a few things you should know.

  1. What is your skin type? This will help you select a mask. Not sure click here to read more

  2. What is your current (or future) concern? A little unsure? Click here

  3. Prep your face you sheet head! It’s important to know when to do a sheet mask. Again click here for more info.

Revealing the sheet

  • The package is very easy to open.

  • I love that the mask has stiff plastic mesh backing. This makes it really easy to extract the mask.

  • The mask is dripping with essence. They are not stingy with product in this mask.

  • The fabric of the mask it’s self is high quality and holds the essence well. Feels really sturdy for a mask.

  • The rose/botanic scent is not overwhelming upon opening. It definitely has a natural smell.

Untitled design.png


Using the Sheet

  • As mentioned the sheet is very generous with essence (the liquid goodness) So make sure you are ok with the clothes you are wearing possibly getting dripped on. Also a VERY good idea to make sure you hair is tied back (not like my photo). I was trying to be cute ok! (Thank you Snap Chat)

  • The mask fits my face pretty well. You are never going to get a mask that is “one size” fits all as we all have different face shapes. However, this one is super easy to double over the areas that overlap into my hair. The mouth “slit” is on the smaller side. So having a straw to drink my wine… I mean water was needed.

  • The rose/botanic scent is incredible pleasant and natural. I feel like my face is legit in a bed of roses instead of an artificial smell of a candy store.

End Result and Final Thoughts

I didn’t want my 20 mins to be up, this mask was so relaxing and I could feel my skin saying “bathe me in this sheet more”. When it was time to take the mask off, there was so much left over essence, I was able to just rub that sheet all over my body (it rubs the lotion on the skin).

The end result was… HOT DAM! What the Sheet did I just do to my face to make it look so amazing? My skin tone was a lot more even (PSA not all the same colour but ya get my drift) and it felt incredibly hydrated. Zipadee doo dah to me!

Where do I get this sheet:

Naruko Rose & Botanic Hydrating Sheet Mask is tough to find as a single mask. It is usually sold in packs of 10 in a super cute box. The good news is you are looking at $14-$19 for a box so really it’s not that bad.

Whenever I buy sheets mask, I always do my research and google the best price and shipping times. Below are some examples of places at the time of this article posting that I would buys the masks.

AU: Naruko’s site. When in Australia I buy all my Naruko products from here. - $AUD14.95

US: Good old trust Amazon prime - $USD19.95

UK: - Searching on the product title, I found it was about £13.00