Popeye the f-up - ENATURE Squeeze Green Watery Sheet Mask


Skin Type: All Skin types - Concerns: - Acne,, Detox Lifestyle: Me Time - Scent: none - Time: 20 mins - Price: $ - Rating: 5 Stars

Quote: Popeye the f-up and drink your green juice.

Today we are reviewing ENATURE. Squeeze Green Watery Sheet Mask AKA Green juice for your face. YAY I can feel healthy by putting stuff on my face and eat a burger...wait no, don't think it works like that.

Why you should use it:

  • The use of nature ingredients such as parsley and kale create a healthy clean approach to detox your skin

  • Premium cotton mask at the cheap mask price.

  • Lots of let over essence


  • Contours to your face, allowing for minimal dripping and less sliding.

  • A shot of vitamins to help control the level of sebum by using vitamin C&B and Kale

  • Parsley extract is used to strengthen your skin.

Why we love it:

This Green juice salad for your face is packed with parsley extract, vitamins C & B, and KALE. We mentioned it had kale right? This beautiful juice concoction works on controlling sebum (that stuff in excess that creates acne) and targets strengthening skin. Think of a your skin as a boxer, who goes Popeye when eating spinach… but it kale because we are in the 2019 its a super food or something. Anyway….. this mask packs a punch with amazing non-sticky essence, my face felt hydrated and healthy. I keep this one in the fridge to invigorate my tried unhealthy skin, think die acne die, but via healthy methods! This one is added to my regular routine.

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Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts: This mask has LOTS of essence. So you can either apply the left over before you put the mask on, or use it as your serum/ essence the next day. Although to note, it didn’t drip whilst wearing the mask. The cotton mask is great too

Where to get the goods:

Currently the best place to get this mask is from Soko Glam - $2.50

Have sheeting good day!