Sephora Collection SuperMask - The Silver Mask

Fast facts:

Skin Type: All Skin types BUT sensitive - Concerns: Dryness - Lifestyle: Quick Pick me up and Me time

Scent: artificial bubble gum - Time: 20 mins - Price: $$ - Rating: 3 Stars

Quote: At least no aliens can penetrate my face now

Well, it's been a week plus since we posted a review and what a busy little bee I have been. So much so to your shock and horror, I had not had time to face mask...I know I know shed a tear for me, going on DO IT!

I first go into sheet masking when stumbling across Rio Viera-Newton NY Mag's article about the Korean 10-step skincare routine.

However, the majority of sheet masking people I know told me their path to the highway of sheet masking love was by buying a last min purchase at the counter at Sephora. So the other day as I was standing in line buying sheet knows what (mini travel products most likely) I was drawn to the shiny shiny goodness of Sephora Collection SuperMask - The Silver Mask. Did I mention how shiny it was?

Fast forward to a week of no sheet masking, my face was dull and dry and I just needed a pick me up. So I thought let's bust out the shiny silver bad boy and fix myself.

My very...first...error....of the day.

Revealing the Sheet

  • -The packing is so so shiny and pretty. But thats pretty much where my love of this mask stops.

  • As soon as I open the mask it smells like a candy store just punched me in the face. If you like sugary bubblegum smells this is for you. I start googling "Can you get diabetes from a skin care product"

  • The sheet itself is not actually all silver, I was a little disappointed. It’s a fabric base with a shiny front of the mask.

  • it does have a lot of essences though, even if I now have diabetes.

Untitled design.png

Untitled design (1).png


  • I give this mask credit the structure and fit on my face it great, due to the double layering of fabric.

  • I would highly recommend using a mirror to put this one on as it will sit better

  • The sickly sweet smell does get better, however, I am not too sure if I have now Stockholm syndrome towards it.

  • The sturdier structure does keep the essence in place so I don’t feel any runoff.


Okay, I have diabetes of the face now, however, on the plus side aliens can't penetrate my face as it's covered in a shiny aluminium product.

Did I love this mask no, would I do it again, maybe if it was gifted to me? My face did feel less dry, but I can't comment on the dullness reducing factor as I still resembled Kung-fu Panada after 6 rounds in the ring.

I did not like the smell, and I swear fruit flies where following me around like an open candy bar all day.

Sorry team, I am not a "sheet me buy one" on this mask.


This is a Sephora Collection mask so is sold exclusively at Sephora.

AU: Sephora Online - $8 (waiting for more stock at time of publishing)

US & UK : Sephora online: $6