Speed Review - Missha Airy Fit Potato Sheet Mask 🥔

Fast Facts:

Skin Type: All Skin types BUT sensitive - Concerns: Brightening - Lifestyle: Quick Pick me up

Scent: Blank not to strong - Time: 10-20 mins - Price: $ - Rating: 3.5 Stars

Quote: “I think I bought the kid size version”

I have had this bad boy sitting on the shelf for sometime. Today I woke up dreaming about mash potato, so for some reason thought my carb cravings could be cured with a face mask. Yeh yeh laugh it up, I obviously still want mash potatoes.

Missha, also claims this mask to be environmentally friendly material: safe use with 100% natural ingredients.


  • Great milk creamy essence

  • No sickly sweet smell

  • Easy to unwrap


  • The mask is so so small, it doesn’t fit my face which is rare for me

  • I had to cut the mouth open in order to function as a human


Quick and easy, with my face feeling slightly nourished. This is a good quick little mask you can do if your skin isn’t in dire need of a remedy. I would 100% do this mask again, however, I wouldn’t seek out to buy this individual product. More like a chuck it in your cart when your purchasing something else.

You can buy this bad boy at YesStyle for $2

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.16.02 pm.png