So you wanna sheet & don’t where to start?


Step 1

First things first, what is your skin type? It’s important to know so you can pick the right mask.

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Step 2

What are your general concerns or desires and I am not including unlimited cookies. More what you would like to get of your mask today.

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Step 3

Prep! The great thing about masks is you can do them AM or PM (or even that time that questionable whether is am or pm). The most important step is to ensure you have a clean face. This means you have removed any make up, already shaved, cleansed, toned and used your essence and light serums/ampoules (if you go that far)

Crack open your mask, pop it on your face, and sit back and relax for 20 mins (just make sure you read the instruction of your mask. The times my vary). Once your 20 mins is up and you have finished looking like an expression less serial killer, peel your mask off and let the essence soak in. Absolutely do not wash off your new amazing goodness. If you wish you can squeeze out the left over essence, you can pop this on your arms or legs or even back on ya face.

You are ready to continue with your routine :)

Step 4